Lisa & Ben in Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Lisa & Ben in Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Oh. My. God.

2017 has been such an incredible year! 

Scarlet & Sage is still a new business, a youngster in the wedding industry, and we all know the best things take time. Which is why, sitting here in warm December weather and looking ahead at 2018, I am feeling so floored by the amount of support and love shown to us by our clients and fellow industry folk this year.

2017 was better than I could have ever anticipated or wished for, a happy dance is definitely imminent! It was a lineup of stellar clients this year, and if I could I'd squeeze them all in a big group hug.

For starters, they found me, and they said yes to me.

They took a chance on Scarlet & Sage, even though we're currently repping the status of underdog against the big names in the industry. For this I am so, so grateful.

The following images and films are our 2017 highlights, enjoy!



Susan & Remi's elopement, Kangaroo Valley

Sandy & Steve, Centennial Park, NSW


Kids inject some energetic fun into weddings, and their tiny suits and sweet little dresses are so damn cute. Here are some of my favourite snaps of little ones from this year.

The Bridal Portraits

As a wedding photographer, the decision of being booked by couples largely rests on the bridal portraits. These are considered the most important images of the day to many people, as these usually are the images chosen for print in their home.


Personally, my favourite images from weddings are the small windows that show how emotionally charged a wedding can be. Everyone is there for a good time and an awesome party, but the spectrum reaches nerves, tears and anticipation too, and these are the times where I consider myself so lucky to be there and witnessing such a big part of these peoples lives.

Scarlet & Sage wishes everyone a merry christmas and a new year filled with laughter, happiness and good company! 

Laura x