What Packages do you offer?

We offer:

  • elopement packages,
  • 8 hour and 10 hour photography packages,
  • 8 hour and 10 hour photography and videography packages.

We understand that each wedding is unique, so if you feel your day doesn't fit into any of our packages time frames and features, we simply ask a few questions, and from there we can create a custom package to suit your needs. To view our packages, please visit our contact page.


How long does it take to receive my images or film after my wedding day? 

Depending on your chosen package, the delivery of your album and/or film takes between 4-7 weeks. 

We usually send through a small handful of images a few days after your wedding for you to have a cheeky sneak peek, and to share with friends and family.


Do you travel for weddings? 

We absolutely travel for weddings! We love to travel for weddings, so we're not just restricted to Sydney based bookings. If a wedding is more than an hour away, we do require any reasonable travel expenses to be covered. This ranges from fuel and accomodation to flights and hire car, depending on where you're getting hitched! 


        How much spaghetti should I cook?

No one knows.  You will either cook enough for 1 person or 12.  There is no in between.


Do we get to have or do you supply the raw footage? 

We don’t supply raw footage. we are very generous with our edited albums and films, and they both include the best of the best footage from your day. we have no reason to hold out on you! 


What is an unplugged wedding, and should I do it? 

Nowadays it’s VERY common for GUESTS to want to have their phones out recording AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AT WEDDINGS. An unplugged wedding is when you nicely REQUEST THAT your guests refrain from using their own phones and cameras during your MARRIAGE ceremony. THIS IS A DECISION THAT differs for each couple and we understand that some people like to, and some people don’t. 

We recommend going unplugged FOR A NUMBER OF REASONS. REASON NUMBER ONE; IT KEEPS your guests present AND IMMERSED IN THE MOMENT through the most important part of your day. REASON NUMBER TWO; YOU'VE HIRED PROFESSIONALS TO DO THE JOB, AND TO DO THE JOB BETTER THAN THE EAGER UNCLE WITH THE ZOOM LENS.  LASTLY, It makes for better photos of your ceremony, as you avoid a sea of smartphones AND ARMS OUTSTRETCHED in your aisle images and film.


Who chooses the songs for our wedding film?

You and your partner. Your wedding bundle should completely represent your vibe as a couple with both the visuals and the music. We request a selection of up to 4 of your favourite songs, and they’re what’s used in your wedding film. Some couples like to choose the songs from their wedding day, eg. what you walked down the aisle to, your first dance etc.  if you're unsure of what to choose, however, we're happy to offer guidANCE.


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